The originators and founders of our company were two Germans – Hans-Peter Klages and Uwe Kloska. In February 1994 they presented Marek Liberak with a proposal of launching a company specializing in supplies for ships in Polish ports. It was supposed to be competition for the only ship chandler at that time, i.e. PHZ Baltona S.A. After two months – after the analysis of technical capabilities and human resources, the proposal was accepted and on 19 April 1994 a limited liability company Neptun Ship Service Ltd. was established in Gdynia.

It commenced its operations on 16 May 1994. Its first employee was Maria Konkel. In her capacity as director (still continuing) and with the active participation of Marek Liberak, she started creating the company, i.e. employing people, organizing and furnishing the office, preparing documentation (including work regulations, rules of remuneration etc.). After Marek Liberak was formally employed (1 July 1994), the duties were split between the two. At that time Maria Konkel was in charge of accounting, finance and documentation and Marek Liberak, in his capacity as president of the management board, was responsible for marketing and acquisition, procurement and organisation of deliveries. Thanks to years of industry-specific experience they had acquired from their previous employers, the company could make a dynamic start in conditions of emerging economic freedom.

In the initial period, i.e in December 1994, we launched our own customs warehouse and started selling duty-free alcohol and cigarettes for ships. It provided the company with first receipts it could use for financing the purchase of supplies for subsequent deliveries. Currently, we are one of three companies in Poland with our own duty free customs warehouse within the Duty Free Zone in Gdansk and in Szczecin. In 2009 the company started running a canteen in the NATO – JFTC in Bydgoszcz. The nomination and cooperation with JFTC was a grant of ennoblement for us and an enhancement to the prestige of our company.

Since 1995 we have been a certified member of ISSA – International Ship suppliers and Services Association. We are a secretary for the Polish division of this association. For years our services have been regularly certified and audited according to ISO 9001:2015 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.

After a few years of successful activity we were officially incorporated in Kloska Group – a holding associating companies from the maritime industry. Hence, we could spread our wings even more and increase the number of purchase orders. The progressing and stable development of the company, new customers and new markets led to the decision to set up a branch of the company in Szczecin (October 2000). At present, the division is developing successfully and forms a significant part of our company. It provides its services both to the port in Szczecin and to the port in Swinoujscie. Due to the proximity of the state border, it also supplies the nearby ports in Germany.

Upon the accession of Poland to the European Union in 2004 the company changed its image and scope of activity. It started competing with other ship chandlers from Europe. We extended our offer with goods purchased in the west of Europe for the needs of crews of foreign ships.

Since that time we have hired verified suppliers thanks to whom we are able to meet even the most sophisticated needs in a very short time.

In May 2004 the company organized and opened its own sailing store. It operates directly within the area of the marina in Gdynia and is very popular. The store ideally supplements our comprehensive offer for sailors and yachtsmen from all over the world.

In 2010, as a result of the retirement of the previous president of the management board – Marek Liberak, the meeting of shareholders appointed Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski to that position, which he has held to this day.

The last eight years of the company’s operation have been characterized by increased recognition and reinforcement of the position of the company in the international market. The operating area is not limited to merchant ship service only. We actively look for customers, which results in purchase orders from naval ships, sailing ships and passenger ferries. We work with shipyards, ship owners, agents and catering companies. We have a network of suppliers and cooperating companies allowing fast and professional performance of virtually any order from our customers. Every year the company provides services to nearly 3000 ships in all Polish ports and selected ports of Western Europe. We complete one-off as well as periodic and regular orders. Deliveries are performed using a modern fleet of vehicles equipped with cold stores, meeting the highest sanitary requirements.

Today we apply experience gathered over 25 years of operating in the industry to provide professional services according to applicable standards. We have become a reliable, recognized and renowned partner for ship owners from all over the world.

We are optimistic about our future. We have taken the right route into a new chapter in the history of Neptun Ship Service Ltd.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski